Tafée® develops and creates products that help people to relax, replenish and recuperate. It does this from a love for life and from that rare quality called dedication. In the same way that artisans and artists patiently and painstakingly work on the perfection of their creations, Tafée also goes to great lengths to perfect fine precision devices that guarantee optimal performance, and an intense fulfilling sensory experience, time and time again.
Our Story Our wares are the difference between superior, matured taste, and deficient juvenile experiences. I founded Tafée Wares to inspire the progress of aromatherapy wellness towards the new age—crafting beautiful devices and wares that help people to relax, replenish, and recuperate. —Bruno Baker, Designer & Founder
Good Design Award 2019
Design for People 2019
Using our patented design and temparature control technology, Tafée invented Bowle to bring your favourite beverage along for the moment of perfection. Bowle is just a start; we do this from a love for life and from qualities in perserverance and dedication that breeds excellence.

Innovation and Science Guide Us

At Tafée® Technologies, we are constantly refining our tools and technologies to keep pace with the expanding needs of those we serve.

We are a close-knit multi-disciplinary team of pioneering professionals with expertise in cannabinoid science, medical product design and engineering, regulatory affairs, supply chain and market strategy—dedicated to be the best we can be with every responsibility entrusted to us.

The people who work for Tafée are characterized by an enthusiasm for breathing life into new concepts inspired by people's needs. Experiences are drawn from scaling challenges from which valuable lessons are consquently applied to the improvement of existing products and the development of new concepts that contribute to a higher quality of life.
Research & Science

Dr. Arno Hazekamp

  • Product development leader of the Volcano Medic®, the world's first medical certified device for the inhalation of cannabinoids at Storz & Bickel GmbH®.
  • Former head of research at Bedrocan BV International®, the world’s leading producer of legal medicinal cannabis.
  • Founder of the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis®.
Testing & Certifications

Engr. Jorge Fernandez

  • Inventor of the first medical grade portable device for the inhalation of cannabinoids, the MiniVap®
  • Founder of Hermes Medical Engineering®, medical engineering partner for the world's largest medicinal cannabis companies.

Design 1st®

  • Canada's largest and most successful design house with global multi-award-winning products, holding over 600 patents across consumer and industrial goods industries.
  • Design 1st are the design pioneers behind We-Vibe, the world's fastest selling adult massager and multiple Health Canada approved medical devices.
Sourcing & Supply

Hayden Adams

  • Global sourcing and supply chain leader for global brands in Michelin®, Coleman®, Converse®, Sears®, and CAT®.
  • 30 years of consumer good distribution expertise across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

As a proud member of the Industrialized Global Economic Community Tafée is pledged to numerous governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations in commitment to sustainability.

In commitment to economic and social development and environmental protections laid out by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Tafée continues to broadening its knowledge and understanding of sustainability, using this knowledge to make more informed decisions and take more sustainably minded actions across all business operations in the local and global communities in which it operates.