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A'Design Award

Industrial Design

International Design Award

Product Design


Bowle is the tasteful multi-functional beverage vessel vaporizer designed to feel at ease in the hand and home on the table.

Enjoy the utilitarian form and function as beverage vessel and on-demand herb and concentrate vaporizer collectively or independently.

Vapor Mouthpiece

Vapor Stem

Tough Metal Shell

LED Indicator

Ceramic Pot

Dry Herbs / Concentrates

Micro-USB Charging Port

Vapor Control

Temperature Control

Drinking Glass

The Bowle is purposefully crafted

Form and function in harmony


Designed for every table, the Bowle encapsulates the ethos of simplicity, allowing taste to be both enjoyed and witnessed.

With contemporary craftmanship and seamless technology Bowle effortlessly exudes refinement in hand and confidence on display.


Conceptualized and crafted with medical grade engineering to achieve medical grade standards.

Through purposeful design Bowle promotes micro-dosing for responsible tolerance management, turning less into more.


An ultra-fast powerplant surges power to any user selected temperature in 1 second, producing exceptionally cool aerosol enabled by engineered heat sinks, regardless of inhalation speed and without resistance.


The patented fully isolated air path diffuses pure convective heat evenly across cooking zones and through the oven pot resulting in tasteful and clean delivery—every time;


While enjoying fresh terpene aromas and flavors with clinical potency, the unique modular glass invites you to pair fresh tastes complementary to the entourage effect.

Tasteful herb and extract aromatherapy at its best.

Rechargeable Batteries Li-On Polymer Cells
Use Range 8 to 12 Full Sessions
Heating System Pure Convection
Heating Time 1-Second On-Demand
Temperature Range Up to 240°C / 464°F
Puck Dimensions ⌀85 × 30MM
Puck Weight 174G
Dimensions (with Drinkware) ⌀85 × 110MM
Weight (with Drinkware) 293G
Electrical Connection Quick Charge USB 3.0
Recharge Time 45 Minutes

Potter is the most convenient purpose designed herb shredder suited to Bowle.

Herbs are shredded to the ideal size and dispersed into measured dose pots ready for use.

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Nothing Else Compares

From the journey of whole flower or herbs, to loose leaf, to the perfect size easily placed into measured pots.

Measured pots destined for the fastest on demand convection-oven delivering the most tasteful aromas with metronomical consistency.

Convenience in purposeful design, at ease in hand, at home on your table backed with service support and a hassle-free warranty.

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