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Is Bowle for me? Yes, if you like superior taste, simple and functional aromatherapy in a progressive matured product to enjoy around the home or designated spaces. Bowle heralds the future in which, science, design and taste dictate the experience.
How fast is Bowle ready? Within the same time it would take to drink from a drinkware. Bowle is ready between the time you take to pick up the device to placing it to your lips, or should we say the stem.
Is Bowle easy to use? Yes, for a first-time user, Bowle is the perfect entry into aromatherapy and promotes sustainable micro-dosing. No application screen on your phone, just two simple buttons on the device.
Is Bowle powerful enough? For individuals experienced in aromatherapy, Bowle delivers superior taste in unmatched time, with progressive co-habitual functionality and in an award-winning design.
How do I maintain Bowle? Bowle is a low maintenance device. The drinkware only needs cleaning after use like any other drinkware. The stem and the ceramic pots require cleaning only after numerous therapy sessions. Depending on personal habits, the stem only needs to be cleaned once every 8 weeks and the ceramic pots only need be cleaned when clogged after numerous sessions.
How do I get the best out of Bowle? Simply read and follow recommended operating guidelines within the quick start guide and full operating manual to get the best out of your Bowle.
Is there a difference between tall and short Bowle? Only in drinkware volume capacity tall holds 400ml and small holds up to 250ml. Performance wise, they are identical. You may purchase a set of tall or small drinkware and stem to complement either version purchased.