Simplistic Elegance
How Bowle Works

Place herb or extract in ceramic pot.


Place ceramic pot in stem.


Slot stem in puck.


Push start and inhale.

Bowle is a new class of
aromatherapy device
for herbs and loose leaf extracts The ingenious technology that was applied to the development of Bowle, makes for easy and quick usage. Simply place herbs or loose leaf of choice in the shredding chamber of the Potter. With a few quick twists of the Potter, the contents are shredded into ceramic pots and ready to use. The ceramic pot is placed in the stem and the stem is slotted in the puck. Push the start button and inhale the organic compounds via aerosol at the top of the stem. The optionally available modular drinkware seamlessly allows for the functionally perfect pairing of beverage to moisten airways or quench thirst as is a natural co-habit during aromatherapy.
International Design Award

Product Design

A'Design Award

Industrial Design


Bowle® is the tasteful utensil designed to feel at ease in hand and home on the table.

Enjoy the utilitarian form and function as both beverage vessel*, and on-demand natural herbs and extract inhaler collectively or independently.

*with drinkware attachment

Form and function in harmony

The Bowle® is purposefully crafted


Designed for every table, the Bowle encapsulates the ethos of simplicity, allowing taste to be both enjoyed and witnessed.

With contemporary craftmanship and seamless technology Bowle effortlessly exudes refinement in hand and confidence on display.


Conceptualized and crafted with medical grade engineering to achieve medical device directives.

Through purposeful design Bowle promotes micro-dosing for responsible tolerance management, turning less into more.


An ultra-fast powerplant surges power to any user selected temperature in 1 second, producing exceptionally cool aerosol enabled by engineered heat sinks, regardless of inhalation speed and without resistance.


The patented fully isolated air path diffuses pure convective heat evenly across cooking zones and through the oven pot resulting in tasteful and clean delivery—every time.

Taste While enjoying fresh terpene aromas and flavors with clinical potency, the unique modular glass invites you to pair fresh tastes complementary to the entourage effect.

Tasteful herb and extract
aromatherapy at its best.

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Rechargeable Batteries Li-ion Polymer Cells
Use Range Up to 8 Sessions
Heating System Convection
Heating Time 1-Second On-Demand
Temperature Range Up to 240°C / 464°F
Puck Dimensions ⌀71mm × 30mm
Puck Weight 190g
Dimensions with Drinkware (Tall / Short) ⌀85 × 145mm / 120mm
Electrical Connection Quick Charge USB 3.0
Recharge Time 1 Hour
The most convenient purpose designed herb shredder suited to Bowle.
Herbs are shredded to the ideal size and dispersed into measured dose pots ready for use.
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Bowle® is Class Bowle is design steeped in history, tradition, culture, and class. Pulled from universal drinkware co-habits formulated over time, your favourite beverage seamlessly accompanies you during any session to relax, replenish, or recuperate. Welcome to living the progress, enjoying the present and inspiring the future. The drinkware (optional) can hold up to 400ml of beverage of choice for moisturizing and rehydration purposes during a session. Drinkware also comes in 250ml size for smaller drinks.
Bowle® is with You Some weeks come fast; some days go slow. Bowle fosters tranquility blowing cooly past expectations through either periods, remaining at one with you in operation—both novice or experienced individuals alike fall in love with the effortless breath sensing system during use for personalized delivery of terpenes and organic compounds. The main element of the Bowle is the puck. It contains an adaptive breath sensing convection oven with completely isolated air path that produces the aerosol which flows through the stem for on-demand delivery.
Bowle® is Tasteful The Potter pot system is genius in making the story of your old vaporizer one of your new aromatherapy device. How with reasonable efficiency whole herbs are dispersed in the perfect microns into cute little pots ready to be enjoyed in Bowle lifts convenience many cuts above any option on offer. In Bowle, less is always more. This promotes sustainable tolerance management. A core trait in commitment to micro dosing of organic compounds for a healthier long-term efficiency and effectiveness. Potter® is an easy to use micro dose loading system that enables the user to shred herbs to the perfect particle size for sustainable tolerance management. The Potter® contains 4 ceramic pots, in which the herbs and loose leaf shredded are placed.
Bowle® is Now The satisfactory click of sliding the stem into the puck exudes elegance. Delightfully responsive, the absence of waiting for any warmup period is like magic. Bowle is, to all intents and purposes, instant-on in the experience and amazingly ready literally as soon as raised to lips, simple, no apps, no data collection or privacy intrusions or elaborate system to learn, just the best way to enjoy aromatherapy. The aromatherapy system delivers either invisible, light, medium or heavy aerosol on-demand based on user setting. The battery allows for up to 8 aromatherapy sessions and is capable of fully charging in ~1 hour.

Nothing Else Compares

From the journey of whole flower or herbs, to loose leaf, to the perfect size easily placed into measured pots.

Potter Plus Breakdown Top

Measured pots destined for the fastest on demand convection-oven delivering the most tasteful aromas with metronomical consistency.

Potter Plus Breakdown Bottom

Convenience in purposeful design, at ease in hand, at home on your table backed with service support and a hassle-free warranty.

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