Bowle is a new class of
aromatherapy device
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Designed for the hand and the home, Bowle® is highly rated to satisfy any demand for:


Terpene flavour maximized with unregulated airflow.


Silky and clean over short or long draws.


Swift extraction and delivery of organic compounds.


Consistently cool and calibrated to your preferences.

The Highest Good

Purpose Bowle is a multifunctional aromatherapy device that helps one to relax, replenish and recuperate. Its combination of simplicity, ease of use and elegant styling places it in a class of its own. On your table, Bowle is two devices in one. A puck that enables the on-demand and tasteful inhalation of natural herbs and loose leaf extracts, with an optional modular drinkware on hand for rehydration. This fine precision device is the result of a well-thought-out concept created through innovative design and carefully selected parts, tested and certified. The dedication and attention to detail put into the creation of Bowle, guarantees optimal performance with a fulfilling sensory experience, time and time again.
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Free Potter+ with Every Order Potter makes magic of herbs, shred to the perfect particle size, dispersed into micro dose ceramic pots, ready to be enjoyed in the Bowle. Shop Accessories  →

The Tafée® Guarantee

For any purchase made through, we offer a 14-day return policy. Beyond 14 days, every Bowle comes with 2 years warranty service by registering your Bowle here at After registration, service can be obtained at or 1.8.HI.MY.TAFEE.

Please note, the 14-day return policy only applies to purchases made directly on, and does not apply to purchases made through third-party retailers.

Each Bowle experience is bound to be unique and personal. Bowle's breath sensing capability caters to this vital aspect by tuning into its user adapting the delivery of aerosol to create an experience centered around the user. No matter what kind of day you are having or how you are feeling, your sense will be treated to a personal experience when you bring Bowle to the table.
Bowle® is Class Bowle is design steeped in history, tradition, culture, and class. Pulled from universal drinkware co-habits formulated over time, your favourite beverage seamlessly accompanies you during any session to relax, replenish, or recuperate. Welcome to living the progress, enjoying the present and inspiring the future.
Bowle® is with You Some weeks come fast; some days go slow. Bowle fosters tranquility blowing cooly past expectations through either periods, remaining at one with you in operation—both novice or experienced individuals alike fall in love with the effortless breath sensing system during use for personalized delivery of terpenes and organic compounds.
Bowle® is Tasteful The Potter pot system is genius in making the story of your old vaporizer one of your new aromatherapy device. How with reasonable efficiency whole herbs are dispersed in the perfect microns into cute little pots ready to be enjoyed in Bowle lifts convenience many cuts above any option on offer. In Bowle, less is always more. This promotes sustainable tolerance management. A core trait in commitment to micro dosing of organic compounds for a healthier long-term efficiency and effectiveness.
Bowle® is Now The satisfactory click of sliding the stem into the puck exudes elegance. Delightfully responsive, the absence of waiting for any warmup period is like magic. Bowle is, to all intents and purposes, instant-on in the experience and amazingly ready literally as soon as raised to lips, simple, no apps, no data collection or privacy intrusions or elaborate system to learn, just the best way to enjoy aromatherapy.
IDA Design Award 2018
Good Design Award 2019
DNA Design Award 2019
A'Design Award 2019